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Effects of different insecticide treatments on the insect pest and natural enemy communities in paddy fields

Author:junqi jiang Date:2011-8-27 14:49:41
     The research results showed that all 4 insecticide treatments of triazophos, shachongshuang, abamectin and Bt+imidactoprid had significant control effects on major insect pests of rice. The short period control effects of triazophos treatment and shachongshuang treatment on Cnaphalocrocis medinalis were better than those of abamectin treatment and Bt+imidactoprid treatment, but abamectin treatment and Bt+imidactoprid treatment had less effects on natural enemies and were helpful to protect and restore the sustainable control effects of natural enemies on insect pests in paddy fields. Generally the effects of Bt+imidactoprid treatment and abamectin treatment on the indices of community characteristics were less than those of triazophos treatment and shachongshuang treatment.