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Keep up the promotion of bio-pesticides

Author: Date:2011-8-23 0:35:09
    Bio-pesticides in many ways than chemical pesticides have a distinct advantage. But from the Bureau of Quality Supervision, Shanxi Yuanping market in the long-term monitoring of pesticide found that the sale and use of bio-pesticides are not good. In particular, according to the operators of pesticide stores to reflect, bio-pesticides on the market, very few farmers ask, even though they purchase more than a year, but because of poor sales, or whether it has a backlog, resulting in the formation of terminal sales of biological pesticides and the farmers use are the lack of enthusiasm. By Yuanping Quality Supervision, agriculture and other departmental investigation found that farmers do not accept biological pesticides are mainly the following reasons.
Difficult to change traditional concepts
Over the years, farmers are using chemical pesticides, they have some common varieties of pesticides are very familiar with and use with good results, although the toxicity of chemical pesticides because the residual long time, may cause damage to humans and animals, and pollution environment, can suddenly switch to a new bio-pesticides, some of them really do not trust, fear not receive the control effect, so the vast majority of farmers still prefer to use chemical pesticides.
Publicity has not kept up
Make friends of farmers to accept a new, more generally slower. Do not plant crops other than dry because, crop year, if there is a slip, there could be irreparable damage. As the biological aspects of pesticides in advertising lags behind a lot of publicity will increase the cost of sales, prices continued to rise in the current agricultural situation, many manufacturers chose to reduce cost of sales less publicity, so farmers have the advantage for bio-pesticides to know little about, so will use less.
Demonstration efforts to promote small
China's rural land area, temperature, humidity, climate change and more. Application of rice, corn may not be applicable; South applicable, the North does not necessarily apply. The farmers regardless of what new technologies are very very practical. Therefore, the agricultural extension department should first be tested in demonstration plots at the local, specific guidance on the implementation of large farming, the farmers saw for himself, since they will slowly come to accept. I remember a few years ago to promote the whole stalk of corn to field, many farmers do not accept, however, since the village cadres take the lead, the state subsidy funds allocated to field, the city has held a spot promotion, crop income is the most critical effect is obvious, Today, farmers are willing to accept the new agricultural technology. 
    As the process is relatively complex biological pesticides, production is relatively small, coupled with higher pre-development costs, so prices are generally higher than chemical pesticides. At present farmers farming more and more attention to cost accounting, so relatively cheap and pesticides farmers apply to naturally be willing to accept.
To enter the field of biological pesticides, there are many specific work to be done. As long as all aspects of work to do, farmers naturally willing to accept.