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let us be the businessmen with a sense of social responsibility

Author:admin Date:2011-8-27 11:37:20
    We must firmly hold the three concepts. First, people-centered development philosophy, the people-oriented concept of  products throughout the development, production, promotion and application of the process, as all business activities of enterprises starting and ending points. Second, the full responsibility for the quality philosophy, as primarily responsible for the quality of pesticide products, pesticide products should be responsible for the entire life cycle, including development, production, sales, use and waste disposal. Third, the concept of public interest is first, correctly handle the business interests and public interests, to protect product quality and ecological safety to achieve economic, social and environmental benefits of development.
     We should not damage our environment to develop our factory, development and production of green products are our purpose, we only have one Earth, the future of the world is depend on the moral of the businessmen,let us be the businessmen with a sense of social responsibility.