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Tear the stickers at the end of the department, place in the place where cockroach haunts frequent. The inside of the kitchen cupboard, the stove, refrigerator all around. the mouth of the bathroom sink , drains or toilet place, etc. 
1 Cockroaches are trapped in the gel box to eat the gel 2 Cockroach will climb out after they had the gel 3 Cockroache become dead when back to nest, then it is the food of  other cockroaches, make its poisoning
Do not take the gel out of the boxThe gel box must be away from food, seeds, feed, children and petsProperly handle the the left and the used bag, do not use for other purposesDo not spray directly onto the gel box so as not to affect the effectAvoid skin contact with the gel agent, wash hand after use itPlaced in high temperature or near the fire, its effect will decreaseAllergies are forbidden, if adverse reaction is coming,go to see a doctor immediately.
First Aid:
If  eat  by mistake, drink two cups of water vomiting out as soon as possible.
if adverse reaction is coming,go to see a doctor immediately.
Storage And Transportation:
Stored in a cool and dry place where children can't touch. Do not put along with food, seeds and feedDon't tear apart the rubber lining, please seal storage

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